Privacy & Cookie Policy

Top11BinaryOptions only collects personal data from the user if that user allows to. On the other hand, failure to do so may hinder the user from using the application. Collected client’s personal data will only be used internally and within the system to fulfill the application’s requirements, give proper authorization to the user, and provide proper analytics to the administrator. These data will not be posted to any public websites or to any public organizations.

Data controllers shall be used to filter helpful information to the user and the administration and avoid frauds from external users. In addition, data will be kept as long as the user’s request is fulfilled. 

Should the user feel unsafe and want to remove any stored personal data, the user can contact the data controller or change the application settings. However, this again might hold back the company to give its full range of services to the client.

We fully assure that data stored are for system requirements and documentation purposes only and not deemed illegal reasons. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have other privacy concerns and inquiries about our system, and we are more than willing to cater for your needs.