Binary Options FAQ

We understand that a person may not have a full grasp of binary options trading in just one night. Thus, we are open to answer inquiries about this field. In this page, you will know what the frequent asked questions are from different users from different forums as well as users’ inquiries to us.


What are the available trading types in the binary options market?

  1. ​There are four most common trading types in the binary options market today. These are the following:
    High/Low – This trading type is also known as “Call or Put,” which is also considered as the most basic trading method of binary options. Most inexperienced traders start with this trading type since they just have to do is to follow their intuition on whether a certain asset’s value in the market will increase or decrease.
  2. Touch Option – Some also call this trading type as “One Touch/No Touch.” This has a lot of similarities with the traditional high/low trading type. However, here, you will not decide if a certain asset’s value will go up or go down before a specific expiry time. The biggest difference is that your guess will be solely based on a predetermined value set by the administrator, which most of the time is the broker, itself. When choosing “one touch,” it means that you are predicting that the condition set by the broker will be met in a once in a specific time. For “no touch,” it is the other way around.
  3. 60 Seconds – Even though this trading type is faster than the others, it has captured the interest of many traders who want to have more excitement than the traditional trading options that require longer terms. As the name suggests, 60 seconds is trading in a minute. So, you can actually keep your eye on your screen as it gives you results just after a minute of waiting.
  4. Boundary – This is considered as very similar to One Touch/No Touch trading type. However, there is the “floor,” also known as lower value, and “ceiling,” which is the higher value, in this trading type. Your prediction will be based on whether the value of that asset will be within a boundary of those two values or even outside of them.

What does maximum return mean?

​Maximum return is simply the maximum amount or percentage that you will get whenever you get a right prediction. For example, if the broker promises maximum return of 89% of your investment amount of $100, you can get up to $189 total payout once you predicted the right value change of the asset that you chose to work on.

What does minimum deposit mean?

​Minimum deposit is the minimum amount that your account should have to make it still working. This is required for every real account of any binary options trading broker. This can already be used as your initial investment amount to any trade that you wish to have. For example, IQ Option only requires $10 minimum deposit to make your account go-live and start trading. Remember that this is different from the minimum investment.

What does minimum investment mean?

​Minimum investment is the minimum amount that you can have in a single trade. For example, your account has a balance of $40; however, in a trading type that you chose, you need to trade a minimum$50 to continue with the trade. Thus, you have to fund your account with another $10 to be able to reach the minimum investment amount and trade with that certain trading type.

What does maximum Investment mean?

​Maximum investment is like the opposite of minimum investment. If you need to have a minimum amount per transaction to start trading, there is also like a ceiling amount which you can exceed from. For example, you want to have a single trade of $5000 for a certain asset; however, that asset has a maximum investment of only until $100. Thus, you just have to reduce that single trade amount to $100 or you may also look for other brokers that offer that maximum investment amount to their platforms.

What does trading times mean?

​Trading times are also called “expiry times,” which are like timeframes for your trades. For example, in high/low options, you have to key in your preferred asset, the amount you would like to trade, and the expiry time for that trade. So, when that time ended, the end of the value change until that expiry time will be the basis if your prediction is right or wrong and whether you would have investment returns or losses.

What is the general procedure to open a binary options account on any broker?

​The general procedure to open a binary options account to any broker is very easy. Honestly, you can just think of it as if you are registering an account to a social media account. First, after choosing what broker you would use, you will just have to provide your personal details to the register form of that broker. Then, you have to confirm your account just like any other accounts. Next, you have to choose your banking methods for you to fund your account and make your account officially working. After funding your account, you are already good to go to start trading.

What should I focus on to find an appropriate broker for me?

Generally speaking, there are lots of details that you have to keep in mind to be able to find the best broker for you. Of course, these things depend on your personal preferences. But ultimately, the things that you have to initially check on a broker are the following: payout rate, minimum and maximum deposits, minimum and maximum investments, bonuses and rewards, and customer support. If a broker shows good deals in these areas, then that broker may be a good option for you. However, like we said, it would still depend on your preferences since some of traders do not care about these things and care for everything else like account types, expiry times, etc., and some sees these details as the basics when choosing the best binary options trading broker.

What are the available deposit methods in the market in general?

Since technology continually develops, depositing or funding your account is not a problem anymore. Today, there are lots of ways that traders can fund their account. Two of the most common ways are through Visa and MasterCard since these two methods have the widest areas for financial solutions. However, it would also depend on the broker on what banking methods they allow. Some also allow other financial solutions like wire transfers, Maestro, WebMoney, etc. As these financial technologies consistently make new and more convenient ways to do banking and funding online accounts, we are sure that these deposit methods would be more flexible in the years to come.