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Tesla misses revenues mark, yet stocks still rise

While the price of crude oil has been steadily rising over the past year, bring the price of gasoline for cars up with it, Tesla may be making that irrelevant as orders for its electric cars are on the rise.

Papa John’s unconcerned by weak 4Q report, lower stocks

Sometimes, increase in revenues simply is not enough to inspire investor confidence. Papa John’s Pizza is the latest company to prove the truth of this, as the company’s stocks plummeted 8% yesterday after the release of its disappointing 4Q earnings report.

Greenback strong; euro reflects fear of French election

As investors and analysts await to see if the Federal Reserve Board will raise interest rates next month, the U.S. dollar has been maintaining a good position against most major currencies.

Wells Fargo working to restore its tarnished reputation

For many, Wells Fargo has always meant to represent a “different” kind of bank.

Citigroup lowers CEO’s salary with annual profits down

In a very unusual move, Citigroup has adopted a very radical idea of paying its chief executive a salary that is determined by his performance.